Trap Thursday: Tincup, Sevdaliza, $yrup, Sangnoir



Off of Tincup’s upcoming Anxiety EP, Whisper is trap-hop symphony that can only be described as relentless. Really digging the variation of drops, that get progressively sicker every time, and the fusion of hip hop sounds and vocals over a thrashing 808. The Anxiety EP is out on June 24, get ahold of it!



Sirens of the caspian

All the way from the Netherlands comes this track Caspian of the Sea, in which is so emotionally moving that it requires you give it a listen. The writing of the song coupled with the smooth vocals and inevitable head rocking drop make it perfect from a production standpoint. Calm trap at its finest, major shoutout to the first lady of Trap Thursdays, Sevdaliza.




I never thought I would live in a world where bass and chimes run so flawlessly together on a track, but in his latest efforts, $yrup amazes again with Push. The bells and chimes separate this song from a lot of others as it is a bold risk that definitely paid off this time. Different sounding yet still what fans expect from the LA based artist. Make sure to check out the Push EP, available now via Bandcamp.



Made You Look

As a hip hop purist and trap enthusiast, Made You Look by Sangnoir is the holy grail. Perfect Nas sample slowed down beautifully over a track that matches the melody of the words so well. This is what music of the future sounds like and it is awesome. This song has to be inspiring for professionals, and seen as a gift to music lovers. A+.

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