Justin Jay Final Image Post copy What can I say, :::The Dirtybird Camp::: is at it AGAIN!!! This time with a huge EP release from the young gun, :::Justin Jay:::. DB took the words straight from my mouth, “From acid house foundations to the sonic semiotics of Detroit – his ability to fuse a timeless, full-bodied dancefloor blend is remarkable.” For someone so young and early into his career and to have the musical maturity of a persona that you would see hosting an BBC Radio Essential Mix, only makes me feel that, :::Justin Jay::: is here to stay. Right out of the gate, Analysis Paralysis, drives with a progressively building 2-step groove, with haunting violins sitting along the edges and an ever so subtle bassline that just creeps up on you like, that black windowless van from down the street; then…….BAM!!! The bassline unfolds upon you like a gift from heaven and the drums drive you all the way home. Now, Denial, comes at you a bit more passionately, kinda like the dog greeting you at the door. 2-step groove hits harder and leads to /deep in Detroit/ flashback; with a couple drops of acid hats to spice it up. He also manages to carry this eerie yet addicting tones/leads that build through out the story of this EP. When they say, “leave the best for last”, this was no exception. The story just keeps building from track to track and you land on this, in my opinion, climax! Imagine the opening scene of a film and there is a faint beep…beeep….beeep from the tracking of a heart beat in the ER. Once again, the driving groove gets the energy building and peaking into a bassline that attacks with such minimal stance BUT, hits you like a ton of bricks. The down-pitched vocal loops are just the sugaron top to this lil beauty and set ever so nicely with the helping hands of the shaker groove. The story then settles off with the lo vocals and hints of the opening ER scene and fades off. – Roane Follow Justin Jay’s Twitter: @justinjaymusic

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