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Hey y’all and welcome back to another edition of IN HOUSE WE TRUST. I’m so excited to deliver this HUGE release from the UK Don :::Shadow Child::: With the achievement of reaching over 100k followers on Soundcloud, :::Shadow Child::: released his new track this month for !FREE!

One of the things I love about this cat is, he has this amazing ability of multi-genre fusion, while being able to keep the key fundamentals of each. With this new release,Steak Fingers, being of no exception; he takes the swing/groove that deep house gets your body flowing too and spices up the energy with Tech.H. hats and adds that nice sugar on top with these UKG influenced bass lines.

The kicker though, is all in the drop. He gets you body grooving and energy building throughout the intro and into the bridge, then……when you think you’re about to get hit with an energy wave on the level of downing a Redline energy drink (Those of you who don’t know what Redline is; think crack being processed into a legal, liquid form.) and No…nope…nada…zilch! Rather he switches it up and lands you in the land of deep tech.

Just like the intro and bridge, the energy does not stay constant however.   Once again, it just builds, builds, and BUILDS. Rather than just taking you up and creating an almost anxiety attack, he gently brings you back down off that high, and starts to fade out with a verse similar to the intro.

Till next time friends <3   – Roane

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