Mr Carmack image post   Hello friends n fam and welcome to our first edition of, Future Friday.   Being that this is the start, the birth, the creation…I felt it necessary to utilize the mindful and eclectic style of the one and only, :::MR CAR/\\ACK::: This Honolulu native has had a great 2013 and I expect to absolutely crush this 2014-year.  You might have heard of his HUGE tracks > Blackbirds & Simpler < off the Dimebag release.  Minimal style, yet the sound design takes off to another level and leaves you wondering…wait…how…dafu*k?!  The hip hop influence into the composition/structure, leaves me wondering, what evolution he is gonna bring to the table? > Dont push me cuz Im close to the edge < starts you off in a flashblack and gets your mind wondering wtf happened to these days?! [{The beauty is in the change-up}] Just as your getting back into the good ol days, the bridge starts and sets you back to that squint like, “Ok, I C U!” Builds…builds…builds…anxiety starts kicken in like wtf is he gonna do? THEN…………well you’re gonna have to listen to find out 😉 Till next time friends <3 – Roane

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