Trap Thursday

Trap Thursday - EDC image post FINAL copy

1. Dj Carnage
In an effort to bring the masses “real trap”, Dj Carnage released Bricks ft Migos and he delivered well on that mission. Bricks is a purist trap track sticking to the rap side that the genre was founded upon and absolutely nailed nailed it. The beat itself is as mean and grimey as a junkyard dog and compliments migos’ vocals so wonderfully, making it a true trap masterpiece. There is certainly no “wannabe rap/trap shit” present here, huge move by Carnage.
2. Crizzly
Put it Down remix
Crizzly put his touch on Bassnectar and Excisions “Put it down” and simply took it to the next level. Excellent switch style production on a progressive bassline will most assuredly bring out the trap heads and twerkers to the front stage with a mesmerizing sound. Super high energy tune that forces you bounce as it comes through the speakers should be a crowd favorite if dropped during his edc set.
3. ETC!ETC! X Ookay
In ode to the worlds greatest tournament, ETC!ETC! and Ookay released Brahzil, a sick funk/trap trap that is as festive and colorful as the country it was named after. Really digging the tempo and energy of this song and was definitely not disappointed with the  dropping of the bass! A fun song that will get you in the mood to party, what more could we ask for?
4. Flosstradamus 
Too Turnt Up lives up to its name with it’s hard style sound and flawless production technique by Floss’. Waka Flaka vocals intensify what is already a beautiful trap catastrophe and brings all the hype your ears can handle. Huge fan of the varied drops throughout the track as well as the constant deep melody. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t turn down, fear not for Flosstradamus has something for ya as they are looking to be the premier trap set at edc this year.
(Ps. Sorry for the delay on the post friends & fam, had a little family crisis. – Roane)


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