New Single from Anna Lunoe ‘All Out’

All Out – it’s a fitting title for the first single from Anna Lunoe’s upcoming EP, in which the Australian artist boldly showcases yet another side of her talents. 

Imbuing electronic music with personality is something that many producers shy away from or struggle to achieve, it takes bravery to leave the anonymity of the dancefloor, but its clear that Lunoe puts it all out on her new single.

Whether it’s through her vocal delivery or the emotional nature of the lyrics she wrote, All Out is Anna’s siren song, though one devoid of bad intentions, and with the honest goal of telling her fans a love story. It doesn’t hurt that she also happens to have written one of the catchiest hooks of the summer.

Flitting between UK house and two-step influences, merging West Coast grooves and Southern Hemisphere sunshine, ‘All Out’ hits like a breath of fresh air. A sumptuous slice of dancefloor beguilement, ‘All Out’ is the sort of tune that’ll soundtrack you cruising lost highways with friends, windows-down, on balmy summer eves.

‘All Out’s’ originality comes as little surprise when you consider the diversity of Anna’s production and release discography. She’s touched on house, techno, tribal and two step, toured with the biggest names in dance music as well as R’n’B chart topper The Weeknd, not to mention her collaborations with the likes of Flume, AC Slater, The Alexanders (Alex Metric & Yuksek), Treasure Fingers, and for ‘All Out’ she found her co-writing partner in pistol hot pop music powerhouse Julian Bunetta. Most recently Anna showcased her truly unique production style on her single B.D.D.(Out now on The Nest) which received instant support from artists like; Diplo, Flosstradamus, RL Grime, DJ Snake, GTA, T.E.E.D and none other than The Nest founder Skrillex himself.

Those who caught Anna at Coachella will know that, much like the title of her new track, she’s a performer who refuses to scowl or hide behind her decks. She is fun and fearless, unafraid to engage with her fans, and certainly no stranger to an impromptu dance-off. There’s a joyful innocence to Anna shows, she simply wants her fans to have as much fun as her, it’s refreshing, and belies the adage that DJs are just jaded knob twiddlers. 

A radio-host, producer, singer, DJ – Anna’s a multi-hyphenate at heart and by vocation. All Out is a delicious snap-shot of Anna coming into her own, and an exciting glimpse at what’s to come from Anna’s forthcoming summer EP.

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