Good afternoon friends n fam and welcome to the 2nd installment of Future Friday!

This week, we’re gonna go across the waters and into the land down under to grasp at the amazingly talented and b-e-a-u-tiful producer/Dj :::Alison Wonderland::: with her new track Lies.

The track starts off with a, probably Sylenth produced, lfo’d lead that follows along the lines of the more melodic trap that you been hearing from the likes of Cashmere cat, Lindsey Lowend and others.  As you start adjusting to this lead loop that starts unraveling as the never tell me lies vocal loop comes in at you and…..you get dropped into this fun n bouncy break-beat while chanting out in your head “yeah, never telll me liessss”.  I’ll be shocked if I don’t see this one popping up more and more throughout other dj’s sets this summer festival season.

Lies goes into an ambient bridge with reverbed leads, building risers and with that wonderful vocal loop impressing into your head as if it were branded to it.  The beat, in the bridge, is a nice change up of a more 2-step structure and then she drops you off into the 2nd drop with that bounce again.

For its more consistent use of the same leads, vocals and beats, I could honestly and happily sit through this one without my ADD wondering off from repetition.  For those who know me, if I’m not havin it within the first 30 seconds, that track is bye-bye.

Big-ups Ms. Wonderland to this and all of the hardwork you been putting in, Cheers.  Till next week y’all! – Roane

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