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Happy Wednesday Friends n Fam and welcome back to IN HOUSE WE TRUST. This week we’re going deeeep….like 54’s release of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, DEEP. This week we present you with a lovely remix of Adele’s hit, Rolling in the Deep, by the one called :::Bender:::

With the starting of Blue Balls Awareness Month, what better way to address the issue than a new take on Adele’s work? The NJ native and housaholic, is no slouch when it comes to productions. He starts you off with a simple 64 bars of Thump…Crack…Thump…Crack on the kick n snare and drops you off into a down-pitched version of the original bridge.

As your clappin and singin along with this almost NOS inhaled sounding vocal, the riser just keeps building and building all the while the anxious energy inside keeps building into the main verse.

::: Bender::: then unleashes this huge, Garage influenced, lead-bass-line that sounds like it was made to be heard at a big room show. I’ll be honest and admit the original didn’t really hit me, but this remix doh…..WOW!!!

The reverb sits on the right elements, the shaker isn’t drowned out, mixing is super clean…all n all as I said earlier, the dude’s productions are on the up & up. Congrats sir on another great release and we can’t wait to seem keep coming!

Tell next week ya’ll and have a safe n happy 4th! – ROANE

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