Rusko Announces a New EP


The Leeds-born-L.A.-based King of Bass returns from a year-long slumber to F-up dance music in big way. Always one to challenge the status quo, Rusko’s new EP “!” is an introduction to a new era of sound exploration.

“This is the the first time I’ve ever released a record that’s not dubstep or drum and bass. It’s not house or techno either – I tried to create 5 fun tracks that fit into no genre, or maybe a whole new genre altogether! …and be prepared, this is only Vol1!,” Rusko says.

On “!”, Rusko’s genre-blending adroitness goes unmatched. Exploring every possible combination of sound, the production mastermind seamlessly folds bass-heavy harmonies into a funky dnb beat on opening track “Like A Boss.” What follows is an mind-blowing array of sound – everything from glitzy drum-work and soaring synths in “Sunshower,” to the ass-grinding “My Style.” Rusko chills things a bit with the bass-wave-riding, “Happy Chords” before blasting down the tracks again with an unhinged video game-inspired, bass-tastic, “Rusko Theme.”

Track Listing: 

1. Like A Boss

2. Sunshower

3. My Style

4. Happy Chords

5. Rusko Theme

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