Another week in the books and another edition of Moombahton Monday for you guys. Let’s take a look at what the Moombah fam has in store for us Moombahtoneros. This past week there was no shortage of Moombahton heat. The fam went in and delivered a huge batch of tunes for us to enjoy. Remember to take a quick minute to like and or follow these talented producers on their social media branches. Enough gibberish for now, press play or download and enjoy the Moombahton sound. Tune in next week for another edition of Moombahton Monday………..PEACE!



It is only right to start this Monday with a bang, the duo known as MaXx&EJ really went  in with their tune Back Shots. If this don’t make you get off your seat……..something is really wrong with you. Find this and more via their spot with Do Androids Dance?: Maxx & EJ Mondays 10X10.


The homies Mambo Killers throw in some of the Brazilian sound with their tune Moombah Do Mondo.


Next up we have a newcomer to the Mommbahton scene, out of Colombia I bring you DJ Tombs. Be on the lookout for more stuff from this amazing producer.


The Canadian Diplo aka Antae has been on point with all his stuff as of late.


Everyone’s favorite track on the airwaves right now gets a Moombah flip from Guerilla Crew.


One of my personal favorites, ### brings you Kontenda! (sorry I didn’t post this one last week)


Twisted Colors release El Negro Llego & this one is a BANGER!!



Noizekid lays down another Reggaeton Moombahton bootleg masterpiece!


Krumm has been going in hard me with amazing tunes recently. Here are two amazing tunes that you need to have or hear now!


A well-known name in the Moombahton scene comes back and hits us with Uprise. Welcome back D-V3KZ!!!!!!


Gingee Releases a Moombahton & Zouk Bass EP, make sure you grab this while its hot!!


A great Moombahton track by LUPAI.


The homie Varilla goes back and flips Ice Cube’s $100 Dollar Bill Y’all


Ending this post with some great Bacondo rhythms! Be on the lookout for these dudes they been murdering the scene!



Huge shout out to the people over at Original Moombahton for keeping the scene up to date with tunes. Make sure to head over to their Soundcloud page and grab Exclusive material as well as tons of tracks that are uploaded there!

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