New Techno From Blatta & Inesha

BlattaIf you like techno, then you will love these two gems from the, Italy based, producer-duo Blatta & Inesha. Back when I first got into electronic music (note I did not call it “EDM”), these two were one of the first artists that I got into. When they remixed Kick-Oh’s track “Stompin,” back in circa 2008-ish, they brought the roughneck bass long before Skrillex was even a thought.  Here are two new tracks from the duo, “Low Don’t Cost a Thing” & “Ill Buy That for a $.”  judging by the length of them, I am guessing that these are just clips of what’s to come.  Either way, it’s something good to jam out to!  If you are a fan of EDM, but are relatively new to the scene, this will kind of be like a history lesson for you. These are part of the roots of EDM.  Enjoy some delicious techno on your Thursday!


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