HARD SUMMER 2014 – feat. What So Not

WSN Press Shot 1

What is better to wake up to, than an email asking if you would like to feature What So Not and cover HARD SUMMER 2014???!!!
 Now I know our #teamArntre fans don’t need an education on what’s the Up n Up but, I think its important to establish the massive achievement these Aussie gents (What So Not) received on their track, Jaguar, reaching a staggering 4.5 Million plays!!!
Lets not forget that snowball-effect of a collab with RL Grime – Tell Me.  Not only did it reach 4.1 Million plays………It’s on a damn Adidas commercial!!!
Ok So you heard the tracks, watched the commercial, now just make sure you’re ready for memorable summer when HARD hits you! See ya’ll out there. – Arntre

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