TRAP n BASS /// ed.1

Trap n Bass-ed.1

Mmmmm suns shining, the grass is a vibrant green, kids are playin in the streets and Uncle Roane is about to drop some beats on ya.  Welcome to our 1st edition of :::Trap n Bass::: where we’re gonna open the format a little bit more and bring in some fresh sounds to the table, while still providing those trapstyle sounds you’ve become accustomed to.

For our 1st edition, we got new bangas from LA’s > Tincup < > A drippy freshie from the dons DJ SHADOW & BLEEP BLOOP < > One MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE hit from G JONES < >  A fat new EP from BA-KUURA, bringin in that jersey club sound but on a slightly elevated-experimental level < > Lastly, what would be a piece from me if I didn’t put in a mix at the end…..Got CASHMERE CAT in the mix <

Don’t forget to grab the FREE DOWNLOADS from the different Soundcloud links.  Have a great rest of your day ya’ll. <3 ROANE

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