LunesDeMoombahtonLet’s take a quick trip through the internet and see what the Moombahfam left for us to enjoy on this edition of Moombahton Monday. Remember to follow or like the producers social media branches Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud. See ya next Monday fam, rnjoy these tunes for now!!


Starting off with some real vibey stuff from Gabriel Rowano & Indisa.


The homie Noizekid brings another banger to the table. (Read description for download, all it takes is a quick vote)


Fake Moustache hits it off the park with this crazy Moombahton Banger!


Just Go Buck! with this sick Moombahton tune!


Came across this great tune by Twine. check it out here


Couldn’t leave Marco Villarroel out of this, he got that Latin Flavor on lock!


Wost X Zombie Blood Party bring some Sandunga.


Rod Franco puts one out there for all the Solteras out there!


Moombahton Mondays are not complete without Maxx & EJ. This time they join forces with one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met. Enjoy the amazing sound of Maxx & EJ & The R.O.A.R – She Needs More.


Really digging this Peligrosa edit to Tabacco y Ron.


Moombahton meets TWRK………….


The Mambo Killers killed it on this one…..nuff said


A great friend of mine and an Original Moombahtonero teams up with an upcoming Moombahtonista and brings you this great Moombahton tune.



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