J.E.S.U.S live in the mix BOILER ROOM

j.e.s.u.s boiler room

What happens when you combine four massive powerhouses (Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream and Seth Troxler) in the House/Garage game?!  

The only viable answer is >>> J.E.S.U.S  <<<

“… in Ibiza we bring together four goliaths of the contemporary DJ world for an world-first premiere of their new experiment, in the form of a rolling b2b2b2b broadcast: Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream und Seth Troxler, aka J.E.S.u.S. Although now close friends as much as top-tier jocks – ranking #21, #11, #70 and #5 respectively on Resident Advisor’s Top DJs of 2013 list – their points of origin are markedly different.

Take 2006, for example: Jack was bringing Ghostface to Glasgow; Eats Everything was playing out under his birth name Dan Pearce, disillusioned with his formerly adored hard house; Seth was a prodigy straight outta Detroit, nestled firmly under Richie Hawtin‘s wing; and Skream…well, a teenage Skream was setting about defining an entire generation. Fast forward to 2014,and the quartet are regularly found at venues across the globe playing side-by-side, fixed doyens of the underground and emergent stars of the mainstream, and mainstays on the White Isle – although that one in particular is a relatively new development.

Naturally, given the four individuals are no strangers to Boiler Room, we’re immensely fortunate to host this latest stage of their progression. To mark this momentous occasion we spoke to the boys in the hope of tracing a line from their formative Ibiza experiences to the present day, where they form like Voltron into a four-man tag-team superstar troupe: one truly bigger than J.E.S.u.S.” – BR

Enjoy close to four hours of diversified energies, beautiful releases, and all-in-all a great day party.  -ROANE

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This recording is available to download at: boilerroom.tv/recording/j-e-s-u-s/

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