Let’s Get Tropical: Gets Spanish.

Tropical TuesdayThis week on Let’s Get Tropical, we get Spanish.

Have you ever been laying around listening to music, heard a beat, and thought “Hey!  I bet this beat would sound good with [insert vocalist’s name here] on it!  And not on some bootleg shit, either.  Like, official remix steez.  This song is all that, and a bag of swag.  Also:  it’s a free 320 DL.

More, you say?  OK.  Sold.  Next on the block, a love song about singing in the bath tub.  Well worth a listen, and playable in the club.

Seriously though, this is the last one.  Zoukishness all over the track.  Vocal heavy.  Lovely.  Free?  Sold.

I lied.

There’s one more, a classic that should not be overlooked.  Ever.  Coming in around 120 BPM, this track is a perfect transition from  mid-tempo up to party music.  Oww.


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