Sacha Robotti & Look Like Announce ‘Loca Lola’ EP

Loca Lola EP Dirtybird

I swear, I get too overly excited when we get sent previews to up in coming Dirtybird releases!  Sacha Robbotti & Look Like are dropping two bangin’ deep- tech house tracks on their new EP, starting with Loca Lola as the anthem and Drop Out to back up the energy they drop on you.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just read what infamouspr had to say about the collab.  Look for the EP on | 8th | Dirtybird-Aug. 11th | iTunes-Aug. 26th – ROANE

“After an impressive late morning closing set at dirtybird’s latest Watergate party in Berlin, Sacha Robotti, made his way to Switzerland to play at Nordstern. Hooking up with an equally exhausted Swiss producer, “Look Like” on arrival, the tired and wired duo shared thoughts over a heady green tea session. Realizing they shared a deep love for bass, they made a pact: to write a collaborative EP that would score the highest of marks from dirtybird big dog Claude VonStroke.

These two slick-back groove attacks are the end result… “Loca Lola” is a one-way ticket to the most mischievous of party districts where an array of manipulated vocal samples bounce avidly on a bed of chop-slapping beats. Complete with head-popping stabs, cheeky wolf whistles and a carnal carnival shriek, it’s left VonStroke‘s floors floundering the world over on every roadtest. “Dropout”, meanwhile, tunes into a darker, booty-busting techfunk groove where cut-throat vocal stabs punctuate the unrelenting bassline and chest-stamping kicks. Heads down, please; this one shifts in a serious way.

What started as a comedown has turned into a fire-up. Collab creations don’t come any better than this. Something tells us Robotti and Look Like will be locking horns again the future.” 

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