IHWT- 7.30.14 Ohhhh man oh man, I always know it’s a Wednesday when I hear lawnmowers going off at the crack of dawn hahaha.  It’s funny because, generally when you get woken up from a deep sleep by some louda$$ machine (or person), the initial reaction would be to go mini-HULK….and here I’m like, YEEWWWWWW it’s IN HOUSE WE TRUST day!!!  Ok enough of my blabbering, I hope everyone is having a great Wed. so far as I know I am; but even more importantly, who’s ready for some deep beats + alurring synths and low ambient vocals?!  For this weeks I.H.W.T,  we have a recent release off Fool’s Gold Records by Treasure Fingers & BOSCO, EP’s dropping on OneFold Records (coming out in early August) by UK’s, Wrong burgundy and Durty Fresh & Jason Lee, a future garage release from Lokoh and like always, I’m gonna drop a BOILER ROOM set for ya’ll.  This week it’ll be from the glittering power-troupe, Hercules & Love Affair.  Alright, lets get this started with Treasure Fingers & Bosco…. – ROANE

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Treasure Fingers & BOSCO – Names

“Every Treasure Fingers song is a master class in feel-good dance music. From his disco debut “Cross The Dancefloor” to heavy-duty collaborations with Anna Lunoe, The Knocks and more, this Fool’s Gold OG has put his midas touch on body movers of all kinds… yet this professional still knows how to surprise! “Names” is an unexpected, unclassifiable collaboration between Treasure Fingers and buzzing Atlanta singer / songwriter Bosco, channeling neon Deee-Lite pop and hip-house swagger for a vogue-ready summer jam. An additional club mix from TF brings even more cowbell to the party, while fellow ATL firecracker Taste Tester remixes “Names” into a tropical R&B must-have. Get schooled and get down!”


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Back To Me E.P [Wrong Burgundy] [OUT 03/08/14]

“Wrong Burgundy makes his OneFold Records debut with this stunning club shaker of an E.P. With early support from Mark Radford on Rinse F.M. Watch out for this producer.”  Two massive…MASSIVE tunes on this upcoming EP, Back to Me and My Vibe, both throwing out heavy kicks & bright clap-snares with those nice tech influenced hats, garage-esk bass lines and vocal samples/chops from some very familiar past sounds.  Big-ups my man can’t wait for more of this!!!

Mad World E.P [Durty Fresh & Jason Lee] [OUT 10/08/14]

One of the things I love about true deep house is, when done right, the sound spectrum gets completely filled with the most minimal sound design.  There’s no fillers to take up space and no eclectic-ADHD-5 synths layered and fighting with each other. UK’s, Durty Fresh & Jason Lee, just bang that nail on its head!  For those who find joy out of the simplicity that life can provide, this is for you.  Enjoy the fresh releases, M.A.N.D.Y and Control, coming out August 10th.


Lokoh – Inside My Love ft. Olga Satsiuk

Alrighty, lets switch up the energy a little bit and get into that relaxed, elevated state.  I got a nice future garage release from Lokoh called, Inside My Love, featuring Olga Satsiuk.  For those who don’t know what future garage is, think some of the garage sound designs that lead to early dubstep but more ambient like post-dub or liquid bass and fusing that with a more experimental house structure…  Inside My Love, is nothing short of this. Sublime-reverbed vocals, carefully constructed piano melodies, deep basslines, and rhythms that make you analyze the structure.  As the ol’ AC SLATER sample goes, calllllm downnnnnnnn!!!

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Mmmmmmm BOILER ROOM mmmmmmM… Back and radiant from their most recent album, everybody’s favourite glittering power-troupe visited us to showcase their new live set. Inhibitions at the door, folks.

Hercules & Love Affair – BOILER ROOM

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