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Future Friday 5


Alright alright alright then and welcome back to #IDGAF it’s :::Future Friday::: with your boy Roane. Lately I have  been posting up a lot of future garage releases and I thought I’d switch things up a wee bit and get a bit more BASS, sound good?! Ok, so we have some future bass releases from Distal, Marlin, and a great Hiya comp, think somewhere along the foggy lines of post trap and little ballroom mixed. For all you LA natives, this next name should be of no surprise and the soundscapes and collaborations this crew has been dropping are just glimpses of what’s to come in the future!!!

:::Team Supreme::: presented their Vol. 120 mix release a couple days ago and created a intriguing guideline to the formatting and architecture on the tracks of each artists featured @ 68BPM’s. They’re right, sometimes less is more.

Now I don’t even know where to begin in introducing this aussie producer and his BOILER ROOM mix…You know what, I’ll just let them do the talking. For this week’s Boiler Room, I present to you…Wave Racer.  – ROANE

“In the post-‘Glass Swords’ revolution against the dark and stark in electronic music, it seems there’s a rising network of young producers chasing an aesthetic that trades dense atmosphere for preposterous euphoria. The mood is always up: digitally-enhanced instrumentation; dazzling synth-sequences; layers of fluorescent sound design. Far from the leagues of po-faced preservers of a moody minimalism in dance music, these producers are eye-poppingly awake to new things. Theirs is a glossy circus made up of mad-cap video-game samples, fiercely pitched up voices and intricate fluctuations in rhythm.

In the wake of digital maximalists like Rustie, Cashmere Cat and HudMo, there’s one producer who’s really silver-surfing this crest: Wave Racer, the young Sydney-based poster-boy to Australia’s ever-growing Future Classic label (home also to Chet Faker, Ta-Ku and Flume). Though he’s obviously standing on the shoulders of giants, his aesthetic is distinctly unique – a neon universe inhabited by shimmering dolphin .gifs and soundtracked by bubbling arpeggios and ecstatic vocoders. Somewhere between the sublime and the ridiculous, the sparkling final product is always – always – fun.

Following a debut double single, a remix collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth, plus a whole string of deliriously poppy remixes along the way, Wave Racer is now rattling through a string of international dates. Our man Skinny caught him for an afternoon in London to talk inspirations, influences and future plans, together with an exclusive mix.” – Boiler Room

Galtier ‘Chalice’ (Distal remix)   #Future Bass
Marlin – Goldchains   #Post Trap

We are proud to announce the second edition of the mixtape ‘Filet Mignon’. Throughout this mixtape, let us present to you the artistic generation of tomorrow, cruising through a multitude of different style, you will be taken in the universe of those young artist/Producers that have collaborated on this project, that we cherish.

Support the artists

Twitter @valentin-marlin


Hiya (Chao Garden Comp)   #Club

swim neutral


 Team Supreme -Vol.120   #Future Bass

This week concludes our Magical Properties cypher takeover month with Vol. 120 curated by @Galapagoose and mixed by @goodnightcody (^.^)


1. watch this video and think about how a sense of space can be hypnotic or intoxicating or lonely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k18BuEES34

2. space & time is the focus of this week. think about the breath between beats / attack and release / positioning sounds in space / balancing frequencies over time.

3. tempo is 68. double-time feel (136) is ok too.

4. utilise this sample (sound or inspiration):

5. sometimes less is more. sometimes.

BPM: 68

Artists on this week’s roster:

 0 – 1:10 Hersch: @hershberger

1:10 – 1:42 Mffy: @mffy

1:42 – 2:51 Noisecastle III: @noisecastleiii

2:51 – 3:30 Hungry Ghost: @hungryghost

3:30 – 4:03 Alyetoro: @aiyetoro

4:03 – 4:37 Fresh Fruits: @fresh-fruits-1

4:37 – 5:47 Eric Jamez: @ericjamez

5:47 – 6 :48 Omniment: @omniment

6:48 – 7:40 Galapagoose: @galapagoose

7:40 – 8:36 Goodnight Cody: @goodnightcody

8:36 – 9:32 Space People: @spacepeople

9:32 – 10:50 EmojiBoi: @emojiboi

10:50 – 11:45 Ray Spray: @rayspray

11:45 – 12:28 Feki: @fekibeats

12:28 – 13:15 THRSHR: @thrshrofficial

13:15 – 13:43 Yung Ari: @yungari

13:43 – 14:40 KVNKLY: @kvn-kly

14:40 -out Trudge: @brza


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