Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Vol.2

Dutch Trio Yellow Claw has been causing quite the uproar in the Trap scene for some time now, being the first underground group from their country to transition to mainstream success in the US. With the release of Amsterdam Trap Vol. 2, they are showing no signs of slowing down and in fact look like they are poised for taking over the trap game as we know it. After seeing what was one of my favorite sets this year at EDC LV, I became a believer as I’m sure you will after hearing their latest project. “Techno” ft Waka Flame is a rager of a track that provides nothing but turn up vibes throughout and is perfectly laced with Waka’s vocals. Dancehall Soldier ft Beenie man is a great display of versatility, giving us Jamaicans something to go ham too, and Yellow Claw’s ability to mesh with these foreign genres while maintaining a signature sound of their own is a definite strong point in their arsenal of talent. The synth use is Kaolo pt. 2 is extremely well crafted and formulated to make your head bang and should be in your favorite dj’s mix rotation immediately! Never Dies wraps up the EP with a little more ambient/ calm trap vibe with some r&b vocals from little Eddie and contains some drops only describable as beautifully chaotic. All four tracks are A1 and deserve a listen, a download, a shout out, anything you can think of to show these guys support because this is a gift from the trap gods. Absolutely can not wait to see these guys live again, in the meantime, this should hold us over just fine.

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