IHWT- 8.6.14

Mmmmmm good morning ladies n’ gentleman and welcome back, once again, to another glorious Wednesday and ya’ll know I’m smiling ear to ear right now…..yeah that’s right, it’s time for In House We Trust.  We have a nice little diverse group of releases and mixes for you all today and I’m just going to go ahead and jump on in to get this thing started.  -Roane

One Bit – Limitless (Hostage Extended Remix)  #House

For those who are our regular readers, will know the name Hostage, is no stranger to the Arntre family.  With his UK influences on the house game, Hostage, takes his garage-esk scoundscapes, and fuses it with the rhythms of deep house; but spices it just a tad with crisp tech hats. Make sure to grab this FREE DL from the Soundcloud link!!! – Roane

Follow Hostage at:

Twitter @AlanHOSTAGE

Claude Vonstroke Live Closing Set @ Movement 2014

I swear, with all the Dirtybird posts I been putting up as of lately, IDK if they’re gonna start thinking I’m creepin’ or just one really devoted fan, lulz!  As you can probably tell from the track title, we have a live set from the Dirtybird boss man >>> Claude Vonstroke <<< from Detroit Movement on last Saturday.  One of the things that “really grinds my gears,” is when a mixes get posted up without  DL links and I’m sorry I am about to do this to ya’ll L  BUT, the mix is WEELLLLLL worth the listen, even if you have to sit at the comp for over an hour ; ).  All love and joy to the DB crew and for your and my sake [PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT YOUR CHANCE TO GRAB TICKETS FOR THE NEXT DIRTYBIRD BBQ].

Follow Claude Von Stroke at:

Twitter  @vonstroke

Jake Twell – Who You Gon Call (Snippet)[Forthcoming on Fracture Recordings]  #Ghetto House

Upcoming on Fracture Records, Sept. 19th, Jake Twell will be dropping his new release “Who You Gon Call.”  This will be a fav’ for all ya’ll ghetto tech-house fans!  The track has got these freshiefresh hats that jus tickle your eardrums as they pan side to side, sexy-swaying  basslines, DEEEEEP kicks, and the proper down pitched vocals to put the sugar on top.  Enjoy this lil’ tid bit until September. – Roane

Follow Jake Twell at:

Twitter  @ItsJakeTwell

Planète ‘Snow Sketch’/‘Visions’  #House

“Melbourne producer Dion Tartaglione – a.k.a. Planète – turns a pair of low-key vision quests into a feast for the ears on his new two-track EP. The first fruits of his recent signing to Brisbane/NYC label Silo Arts, he’s just dropped the two super-clean, seven-minute voyages for a name-your-price download.

The first, ‘Snow Sketch’, mines thumping minimalism with an emphasis on plinking melodies and washes of New Age-y flute. It’s swimming with motifs by the four-minute mark, only to dip away a bit later before resurrecting its slinky mechanics. Much more dissolute by comparison, ‘Visions’ starts with quietly competing forces but develops an increasingly squelchy rhythmic traction.

It’s a meticulous showing from Planète, who previously had only a handful of tracks to his name – as well as a recent breakout remix of ‘Similar Circles’ by his labelmate Tincture. The new EP is the first of two coming this year, with Tartaglione citing such influences as Jon Hopkins, Caribou and Floating Points.”

Follow Planète on Facebook or @dion-planete. Snag a free download at our Online Store!

As we come to the final stop in our journey together, I present to you BOILER ROOM w/ DEKMANTEL FESTIVAL DAY 3.  “On our third day at Dekmantel Festival we are joined by Steve Rachmad, Joey Anderson, MCDE, Young Marco, Space Dimension Controller and Interstellar Funk.” –Boiler Room

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