The Illest

The illest is a headbanger of a track by G-Rex. Excellent snare work and chopped up vocals make for a remarkable sound that does not disappoint the speakers. The illest gives off a grimey, hardcore trap vibe that purists of the genre will certainly appreciate coupled with two drops that are so nasty they might make you lose your religion. Bass speaks louder than words and G-Rex has brought it in a big way with this tune, definite stamp of approval.

Julian Benasis

Young trap phenom Julian Benasis, who is gaining plenty of tread on the web these days for his mind altering drops teamed up with Vine sensation Brandon Bowen to render “Haters”. Benasis has captured quite the following with his recent works and Haters is another strong addition to his arsenal. The change of tempo between the two climaxes on this track are superb as the transition from house sound to trap sound were nailed beautifully. Some light piano work as well as the song themed sound bite from Bowen share the track wonderfully as it all comes together as another hit for Benasis. Don’t sleep on this kid!

I believed in you

When old school soul and bass ridden instrumentals come together, everyone within earshot of it is a winner. I believed in you is a beautiful song with a tremendous display of how contrasting sounds can mesh together so well. The soothing, heartfelt vocal sample over this track is perfection and the bouncy, pause and go drop is amazingly put together and forces you to move. Definite top 5 of trap tunes this summer and will be impatiently anticipating more work from Mace.

Let me Drive

“A classic, and at the same time, progressive” is the opening bite for Let Me Drive and it truly lives up to its claim. The absolutely seductive vocals from A.I.M.E. set the tone for the entire song and a rap verse from Mayneday are extremely well received over Klaypex’s electro hip hop instrumental. I am usually not for lyrics over trap beats but the way Let Me Drive is compiled is flawless. Sounds like a radio ready single and is extremely progressive with the blending if hip hop, r&b, and trap. Classic.


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