Team Supreme Vol.122

The wiley n’ heady TEAM SUPREME, is back at it with their 122nd mix release!  As stated below, all submissions had to follow around 92BPM’s.  Expect lots of experimental soundscapes, glitch heavyness, shifty rhythms and multi-ranged vocals that just act as the sugar on top.  If you think you some Jazz influences, don’t worry, you’re not crazy; that’s just the mindfulness these artists are able to express through compositions that generally won’t reach out to the “mass-cultured”.  Educate n’ Evolve. – Roane

This week’s rules and samples were provided by @Zikomo

BPM: 92.50

Artists on this week’s tape:

0:00 Damien: @earthtodamien
1:02 Ewokie Talkie: @ewokietalkie
1:54 Slow Graffiti: @slow-graffiti
2:56 Zikomo: @zikomo
3:27 LGTL: @ltglofficial
4:29 Sylczr: @sylcazr
5:42 Alpha Male: @alpha-male-official
6:13 Trill Bill: @trillestbill
7:21 Kyross: @kyross-1
8:18 Glong: @glong-2
9:20 Nalepa: @nalepa
11:04 Space People: @spacepeople
11:56 Slom: @beatsbyslom
13:06 Mr MPH: @mrmph
13:47 fzpz: @jarrenl

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