GoldLink – “Ay Ay” (Lindsay Lowend & Jonah Baseball Remix)

“The video for the original is like some aspiring teenage rapper’s badboy fantasies, but this remix ups the whomp and features a real contender for “Snare of the Year 2k14”. You can tell the duo had fun with this one – It’s definitely one of those “anything goes” remixes.” – THUMP  

I agree with THUMP, the cohesion these two had over the course of the remix just exudes utter joy!  This is a little more aggressive than I’m used to coming from Lindsay Lowend, but Jonah’s “F U style” input, works perfectly none the less.  If this remix doesn’t get you bumpin’, then ya’ll might need to change your tastes lol!!!  Lovin’ this glitchy-chill trap fusion. – Roane

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