BOILER ROOM – Garage Nation

Garage Nation

“Along with Twice As Nice, Cookies & Cream and a couple of others… Garage Nation was one of the most successful UK Garage events of the late 90’s – 00’s. Moschino socks and all that were rife. It’s been 17 years since they first opened their doors, so we took it upon ourselves to invite a whole heap of DJs and MCs down to the Boiler Room to provide what will surely be a shake and shuffle to remember.” – BOILER ROOM

I know usually we drop Boiler Room sets on IHWT but, I felt too compelled to drop this baby off by itself.  For a lot of my fellow “yanks,” this will be more of school lesson for ya to get more of an understanding of the UKG roots that we, Americans, are starting to touch base on (again).  For those used to the newer, more ambient, ideals that producers like, Kastle, are playing with…..then you my friends are in for an awakening!!! -Roane

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