“For the 34th installment of the STYLSS Mix Series we invited Bay Area weirdo, a prolific producer & OG STYLSS affiliate Aaron Triggs aka BLEEP BLOOP to join us. He has been pushing a very unique sub-genre of bass music up & down the west coast & throughout the internet for awhile now. The founder of 710 Records with releases on Sound Plexus, Saturate! Records, Robox Neotech, & STYLSS under his belt, he has written tunes with DJ Shadow, Starkey, G Jones, DNAE Beats/Patrick Sexx & more along the way. The future is weird because Bleep Bloop is the future.” -Stylss

“I decided I just wanted to share a mix of some songs that I love instead of putting out a mix full of my productions or bangers that I like to play in the club. If you want that go check out my Time Dust Mix, but hopefully these tunes will open someone up to some music they didn’t know before.” -BLEEP BLOOP

Tracklist Coming Soon.


C O N N E C T • W I T H • B L E E P B L O O P :


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