Team Supreme – Vol.123

Vol. 123

Man, I don’t even know where to begin on Vol.123….The soundscapes and beats generated based off the given rules, is just ridiculous!!!  This is deff. gonna get the cogs in that ol’ brain a-turnin’. -Roane

This week’s rules and samples were provided by @goodnightcody

BPM: 713

Rules: Make a beat at 713bpm only using sounds made by your body (voice, slapping, stomping, clapping, eating, etc.)

Artists on this week’s roster:
Misc. Friend 0:00 – @miscfriend
Ben Jamin’ 1:05 – @influencebeats
Night Trevors 1:48 – @night-trevors
Goodnight Cody 2:42 – @goodnightcody
PTravis 4:52 – @travisyee
Slow Graffiti 5:54 – @slow-graffiti
THRSHR 6:55 – @thrshrofficial
Mr MPH 7:54 – @mrmph
Nalepa 8:59 – @nalepa

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