BLÂME – Paranoid EP

Blâme - Haunted


The French producer, BLÂME, dropped his new Paranoid EP on [re]source records a couple of days ago and this lil’ gem is absolute FIRE!!!  The three tracks that are featured on the release are, Paranoid, Haunted, and Come In.  All three tracks carry an identity of their own yet, there are certain elements that carry throughout each one, that help create the cohesion in an entirety of the EP.  The opening track, Paranoid, comes off of a fusion between vogue-house and UK bass (I’d like to say).  The rhythms are what scream Vogue to me however, the leads and soundscapes are like this garagesk met with electro.  The second track on the release is, Haunted, and I get this L-Vis 1990 vibe from it.  I’d describe this experimental drop as an future club track, somewhat like the song 4D VIP (by L-Vis 1990).  Lastly, he ends the EP with, Come In.  This carries more the ideal that Haunted carried yet, I feel this is a little more tech with the hats and the panning of the rises n’ leads.  All in all this is a MASSIVE EP and I really hope y’all enjoy it<3 -Roane 

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