Future Friday 8

Happy Friday ya’ll and once again, welcome back to another b-e-a-u-tiful addition of FUTURE FRIDAYYour boy Roane, is gonna be taking you all on a little field trip and we’re going to be entering five different realms of the audial spectrum.  First, I’m will start us off nice n’ easy with a future house track from Brett Gould.  Then we are going to hit the future-club scene and touch base with Mr. Bill and his remix of, Lighthouse.  Then next, Roane is going to relax a wee bit and fly y’all into some chill trap with Pusher & Polar Youth, before picking the energy up with some future bass and footwork from UN]d3∆D cPuNx & DaedelusSo grab a beer, pour a glass of merlot, take a hit, or whatever your medium is and enjoy some atmospheric synths, deep-addicting-grooves & experimental and powerful vocal blends n chops.

Make sure to grab the free releases from the applicable Soundcloud links, support them on itunes, and give some likes and follows while you’re at it on their social media pages.  Till next time friends n fam!


Brett Gould – Trapped In Between   #future house

ill-esha – Lighthouse (Mr. Bill Remix)   #future club

Pusher x Polar Youth – YAY   #chill trap

Ultrademon – Drive U Crazy (Machine Girl’s [UN]d3∆D cPuNx MiX)   #future bass

Sidewalk Kal – Champagne Forever (Daedelus’ Sabrage Remix)   #footwork

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