Hahaha oh man, the early Wednesday mornings finally got to me and my body put its foot down & slept-in.   It’s funny because, the “insomnia” allows for my #TNS mentality to kick in.  Ok enough of my blabbering, I hope everyone is having a great Wed. so far as I know I am; but even more importantly, who’s ready for some deep beats, alluring basslines and deep, ambient vocals?!  For this week’s I.H.W.T, we have fresh off the press releases from UK’s,Eastside Records uk, a “future garage” bomber from Ganzfeld Effect, and why not switch the spectrum up and drop it off with some disco/house/n’more?!  For this week’s IHWT Boiler Room

” There’s little else more divine than Motor City Drum Ensemble in the muggy haze of an Amsterdam Sunday afternoon. He’s cut of a rare breed: one of the spare few selectors for whom every draw from the bag is as triumphant as the last. This time was no different: belter after belter after belter, jubilantly flooded through the rotary dials to a crowd with more raised hands than we saw all weekend. Praise you, Herr Plessow.” –Boiler Room

Well that’s it, I’m done, go on….do your listening thang “and playing the donkey kongs”  -Roane

Ganzfeld Effect – Dyson   #future garage

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Archie b – Stepping up Ep   #future garage

Storm, Lee Edwards, Dee Gayle and Archie B – Play Dem Vibes   #deep-tech house

Here We Go – Lee Edwards – Storm , Dee Gayle & Craig Benjamin    #tech house


Boiler Room – Motor City Drum Esemble >WATCH IT HERE!!!


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