D-V3KZ – Basta! (Original Mix)

D-V3KZ - Basta! (Original Mix)

My SD is representing once again with this tropical banger, BASTA!, by the one n’ only D-V3KZ!  The force/heritage really sets in strong with this young padawan.  You got this jacked up moombah tempo or carnival’ or JT I suppose with different lazeresk synths, sparkled with hispanic horn samples, but the chops are what get me.  I like that the sample isn’t just utilized in one manor but, kinda like how Claude Von Stroke and some others will, he takes it to different areas of the spectrum to spice things up while still keeping the integrity of the original.  This is deff. gonna be one of those kids who will see his spotlight soon, big ups buddy!!!  -Roane

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