squama - swarpWow, now this is a very special posting for me.  Not in the sense I’m going to drop off a thesis on you or anything of that level however, if it was not for this guy SQUAMA (previously Head$hake), I would never have ended up in this whole musical chaos and delight.  He honestly gave me a strong rooted grounding in which helped me develop my mentality and understanding as a artist and business man in the edm world.  With all that being said, I introduce to you, SWARP!!!  It’s a Psytrap slap to your face, but more in that, Ohhhhh baby yeah, kinda way.  Everything in this release is so clean and dialed in.  There is no filler, everything is placed and set for a reason.  I especially love the Link sounding chops that get sprinkled in.  You want future bass, well you got it.  Study up and get ED-U-MA-CATED kiddos!  -Roane

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