Future Friday 9

Man oh man, sleep can do a man wonders and you’ll notice it through the ecletcic selection I have picked out for y’all today!  There really is no method to the madness on these five choices however, you’ll notice some classical influence a portion of the pieces.  Now to start things off, I thought it would be appropriate to use SBTRKT’s new release with A$AP FERG.  At first I thought it was an interesting choice for these two work on a collabop.i98 but you’ll hear from the man himself on his ideology.  The instrumentals are beyond words explanation and the vocals are an interesting twist to the harmony.  Where do I even begin with this next Kat?!  EPROM, takes normality and just flips it on its head.  This is just such a heavy and nassssssty take on Move That Dope, I can’t wait to hear it on a big system.  The touch on the 808’s are what kept getting me to loop sections hahaha.  To lighten it up a little bit, Champagne Drip, orchestrated a tropical n’ bouncy mix.  Expect the soundscapes of, Trippy Turtle and those alike, in this lil’ gem.  To keep the mood uplifting and progressing, I found another beauty from Pixlelord.  I could not tell you what the title of the track is, but this remix is so so sooooo sublime!  I’m not even going to try and explain this one, for it wouldn’t even do the track justice!!!  To end our adventure together, I found this Russian producer, Ultrademon, and to me its Vogue, but I could be wrong,  Doesn’t even matter, this will get that footwork goin’ and dem hands throwing angles.  Have a wonderful Friday friends n’ fam.  –Roane




heres another song from my upcoming album.
i started this in London with an idea i recorded on an upright piano – took this to Los Angeles (set up at Fleas the Boat studio in Silver Lake) collaborating further with Stella (drums) & Emily (vocals) from Warpaint – took this back to london to work more arrangement ideas to it and finally a couple months later took that to New York (Downtown – The Roots were in the studio next door!) and collaborated with Ferg (out to our friend Callender for connecting us)
this is one of my fave tracks and seemed to be a fitting ending to the record too.
this started with me having a seed idea but seeing it grow way beyond that with these multi layers of collaboration and places. shout to ferg, stella and emily for their input!

Taken from the new album WONDER WHERE WE LAND.
Pre-order: po.st/sbtrktitunes
Pre-order deluxe: po.st/sbtrktdeluxe





Future – Move That Dope (Eprom Remix)





Champagne Drip – Mixtape For The Well

Most of the tropical stuff that gets sent our way only seems palatable if you shave your chest or something. So when The Well turned us on to this mix by the mysterious Champagne Drip, we were stoked to find some real umph amongst all the the palm trees and good vibes.

Here’s that tracklist:
Champagne Drip x Billy Ocean – Champagne Drip Theme x Caribbean Queen
Trippy Turtle x Talking Heads – Trippy’s Theme x Once In A Lifetime
Bobby Tank – Learn From You
Edgewoode x MANIKAN – Riding Round 285
Disclosure – You & Me feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)
Lowly – ID
Wave Racer – Streamers
Parkinson White x Kyle Cook – Temple
Rusko – Sunshower
Basenji – Heirloom
Elliphant – Revolusion (Champagne Drip Remix)
Champagne Drip – Bermuda
Champagne Drip – Honeymoon (feat. Ash Riser)
Champagne Drip – Love In
What So Not – Touched
Touch Sensitive – Slowments





Наадя – Сто Дней (Pixelord Remix)




Ultrademon – Choo Choo (forthcoming Hyperboloid)





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