Trap n’ BASS – ed.9

 Trap n Bass-ed.9
What’s up y’all and welcome back to another high-energized edition of Trap n’ BASS, presented by our main man, D..D…D…DEE W.! ! !   Ok, so where do I even begin on this one; I mean, it’s just banger after banger after BANGER.  The story line behind this audibly emotional journey, we’re gonna go in hard then take back a little and enjoy the atmosphere….“And Thennnn”….well mmmmmm yeah, it’s just  all up hill from here.  I just have to end this little tidbit with #wussup is absolute money.  Till next time friends and fam, keep hungry.  -Roane
Lux Johnson
Mucho is hype ass hell tune with the perfect island influence. The progression of Mucho is amazing, as it’s pretty much 2 different sounding tracks on each side of the drop and both hold equal levels in sickness.
Anxiety is more of a journey than a song, and also sounds more like and orchestra than a production. No sound wasted in the creation of this tune and no emotion was unrepresented. One of the more complete songs I’ve heard in a whole and a very impressive display of talent by Dekku.
Ricky Remedy
Ricky Remedy keeps it 100 with us on his release and we are certainly thankful for his efforts on this festival trap gem. 100 delivers at every turn with a buildup that will have your heart racing right up until the head bobbing drop. Crazy track
Milkdrop x ICHI
Milkdrop and ICHI team for #wassup for some St. Petersburg trap and it is absolutely out of this world. High tempo, excellent transitions with a dance vibe working well with the sounds of the trap. Awesome piece of work as tracks like these continue to represent the trap culture over in mother Russia

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