IHWT- 11

Wow, after a little hiatus, I’m back n’ at it finally with another edition of, IN HOUSE WE TRUST for y’all!  We all know it’s gonna get eclectic, but this….this…..this sexual gem, is gonna get that love flow.  As I write these pieces, I try not to fall particular to a specific track/mix but I’m sorry, this Kastle Mix is just, I mean come on!!!  Ok enough from me.  Sit back and take in some BOILER ROOM, Doorly, Kastle, Archie B, and Indian Summer.  -Roane



Jamie Jones b2b Martinez Brothers Boiler Room mix by brtvofficial

“This really saw us out for the summer: international superstar Jamie Jones running b2b2b with the unstoppable Martinez Brothers for an all-in 45. A real victory lap of honour for three bonafide legends of the island.” -Boiler Room





Doorly & Harry Choo Choo Romero


What a charasmatic lil’ deep-tech track.  Doorly has never been one to disappoint and he continues to please, with help from the one, Harry Choo Choo Romero.  The “truth”, is everything and nothing all at once.  Enjoy this minimal beauty.





Kastle Fall 2014 Tour Mix

“Kastle joins likeminded artist , Bonobo, for two weeks on his fall bus tour. To kick things off he has put together a mixtape that also debuts his latest remixes for Odesza and Banks. Enjoy!”


01. Wilkinson – Dirty Love (BMB Spacekid Remix)
02. Odesza – Say My Name ft. Zyra (Kastle Remix)
03. Glenn Astro – Amitriptyline
04. Anthony Naples – Mad Disrespect
05. Giganta – No More Will You
06. Seven Davis Jr. – Friends
07. Pat Lok – Could Be Mine ft. Patrick Baker (Wantigga Remix)
08. Lilly Wood & Robin Schulz – Prayer In C (Walter Ego Remix)
09. Kastle – Anything’s Possible ft. Lotti
10. French Fries – Everything
11. Walton – Need To Feel
12. Banks – Stick (Kastle Remix)
13. Les Sins – Bother
14. Jaw Jam – Tha One I See In My Fantasies (Mix II)
15. Woz – Trust Meh
16. Ejeca – Jalek
17. Vax & Ambur Rose – Embrace (REKchampa Remix)
18. Cassius Select – Rete Avek Ou
19. Walter Ego – Shadows
20. Burial – Archangel
21. 5kin & Bone5 – Make U Understand
22. Janet Jackson – Empty
23. Feadz – Throw
24. BSN Posse – Soul Rhythm
25. Pearl – I Know (Kastle Remix)
26. Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song




Archie B

Mainline To My Love

Another sexual, deep-tech house track for y’all!  Atmospheric soundscapes, bouncy basslines, looping hats and all the usual ingredients that make this re-fad to the deep regions.





Indian Summer

Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (Option4 Remix)

This late night deep-tech piece, screams disco ball’s, beautiful women, and drugs……lots n lots of drugs, Studio 54 style.  In all seriousness, this may be one of my fav “deep” tracks right now.  Watch out for that second drop <3

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