Lido – Money (Bleep Bloop Remix) {FREE DL}

bleep bloop

To start off, sI don’t even know how this lil’ bit slid under my nose and has been out to the public for the past 2 weeks……slaps forehead.  To the mass, Lido’s -Money, should be nothing new BUT, the bay area giants take on the bit……just slams it.  The intro stays true to its roots, but the fusion of, future bass, and just straight up trill-trap, are what make this my favorite remix yet.  This kid is getting the recognition he deserves, finally, but he’s still a far far stretch from the level he really is at!  I think it’s the 4th drop maybe, but it gave me chills for a sec.  KEEP THEM COMINNNNNG!  -Roane

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