Kill Frenzy “All Night Long / No Panties” Single Available Now
Preview Debut Album “Taylr Swft” Out on dirtybird November 3rd
Kill Frenzy – All Night Long / No Panties

Beatport Exclusive: Available Now

Itunes +: Oct 28th



1) All Night Long

2) No Panties

Buy single here:

OK WOW, where do we….how do I…..err….how do you even intro this Belgium beast, who has to been absolutely breaking the walls down on the mentality of house.  You may know him for “Make That Booty Clap”, or perhaps, “For the Ladies”, “Naked  Piano”….I mean we could go on and on but, y’all get the point.  KILL FRENZY  Is going to finally release Taylr Swft, on Nov. 3rd!!!   So I get home from work today and I get hit up that we were asked to check out the album do some friendly helpful ol’ marketing and all that goodness; I’m literally listening to it as we I guess ?speak? anways, ABSO:LUTE BRI:LLIANT FI:RE!!!  This guy touches a few different audial realms in this album and you can deff. tell he’s a man on a mission, let’s get sh*t done, kind of mentality.  The first couple tracks bring us into the persona we have been gravitating towards with KF, but then as each release goes by, I’m noticing this bit more tamed and honed production.  I mean don’t get me wrong, he has always been pretty much on point, but with tunes like XVI  and Lava,  he just touches a new realm in his releases to me. Anyone who knows what my sets can get like, you shouldn’t be surprised No Panties and Kontrol,  are my #1 and #2 on this beauty.  Just straight raw lust in your face.  There is no bars, filter, it’s just like…..plop….here you go, peace.  I could just keep ranting about how stupid-amazing this new album is but Claude Von Stroke and IPR seriously took the words out of my mouth, so check out what they had to say about it.  –Roane
He’s ridden us raw with his naked piano, made our booties clap so hard we’ve needed medical care, shown us his titsss and he’s even taken us to the mo… Wherever that is. Now Belgian wunderkind Kill Frenzy is about to flip the biggest switch of his career and whisk us away on his most exciting, most extensive dirtybird adventure yet: His long-awaited debut album Taylr Swft.
Famed for his ability to carve carnal drama from one smouldering 808 sermon and a sleazy panty-dropping vocal loop, here we find Sebastian Vanschoonbeek developing his uncompromising, ghetto-bound repertoire with serious maturity, depth and class. Building on his well-established bass-laced bedrock, each of these cuts flex with dynamics that will find favour with all house and techno connoisseurs and do so with complete consistency as a whole body of work… hell, they work so well dirtybird bossman VonStroke is almost reluctant to release them.
“I’m almost sad to start sharing the new Kill Frenzy album with everyone else because it has been my secret weapon all summer.  At one point I was playing seven tracks from the album in the same set, it was almost embarrassing. I’m very fickle about choosing what I play and this album is amazing.”
Proof of Kill Frenzy’s next-levelism is evident in every single direction; the cavernous thundering march of “All Night Long”, the bouncy techno fluctuations of “Inflation”, the sultry deep house dish “XXX”, the sheer tech tenacity and roof-burning electro-fication of “Lava”, the delicate jazz keys and purring sub bass of “So Fine”… The list goes on.
Press play, then press it again for good measure: debut albums often dangerously dice with displays of inconsistent dexterity, but with Taylr Swft Kill Frenzy has carefully created a collection that completely makes sense of his past work while staring guilefully into an exciting future. A bona fide dirtybird document that confirms Kill Frenzy’s position as one of electronic music’s boldest creators, Taylr Swft is everything you could possibly want from a modern day album: dancefloor gold, depth, range and an unswerving narrative. Get to know.  – IPR

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