Time to let the Moombahton speak for itself today, eventhough it comes on a Tuesday and breaking tradition from our regular Moombahton Monday. Today I break the rules but still deliver the same great sound. Hope you guys like what I have set up for you today. Catch me here next week and remember…. #MOOMBAHTONFOREVER!!

Starting this week with the team of Dj Tombs and Los XL of Locomotive. They hooked up and came up with this beauty.

Next up we have Ckrono & Slesh giving us some moombahton. SOME MORE MOOMBAH COMING SOON FROM THESE GUYS!

Moombah friendly ETC!ETC! goes in on Maluca’s Trigger.

The homie DJ MADD OD gives that 108 touch to Jeremiah’s Dont tell em!

The amazing producer Stas released his first album and all I have to say about this one is……. WOW!

This remix by D-V3KZ is FIRE FIRE FIRE!

Moombahton from the Amazon. Im really digging this.

The homie King Kong does what he does best.

It dont fall under Moombahton but this tune by the Moombahton OG Jon Kwest is simply amazing. RIP NICKY DA B! (BOUNCE) Threw it in here because its Tuesday.

To end this post I will just leave this guys whole Soundcloud page here je goes by the name Happy Colors if you don’t know about him then now you know.

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