IHWT- 12

Back at it and sexy as ever, I bring you….. IN HOUSE WE TRUST .  I left some personal thoughts under each of the releases but just know 90% of this weeks I.H.W.T. is deep deep deeeeeeeeeep.  So without any further rambling on from me, here y’all go.  –Roane


A great fusion of a deep hous-esk groove, with a garage soundscape!  I love when artists will take influences from different genres/sub-genres to create a different take on a track.  Think ghetto-house as the backbone to this beauty and garage adds that sugar on top to livin’ things up a bit.




Seeeeeeeeexy n’ deep one right “hur”.  Here is a preview to, Sharam Jey,Chemical Surf & Illusionize, new release coming out Nov. 10th titled, Bass.  The title says it all, I don’t even need to explain this one….





Mmmmmmm not exactly one I’d prob. drop in one of my sets HOWEVER, ladies will just eat this up.  It’s just so so sensual, sexual and everything in between haha.  No but really, the kicks and snares are precise and really the whole schibang, did I even spell that right?  Lol.





Ok ok ok, now this is up my alley!!!  Heavy kicks, reverbed clapsnares, popping hats and a simple  n’ fat bassline.  If this doesn’t get you moving, I truly feel bad for you and your lost poor soul. Tsk tsk.





What would be an I.H.W.T. without a BOILER ROOM set.  Live from Mexico comes local hero, Andy Martin.  We’re gonna send this bit off in the deep end, keep it relaxed and grooved.

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