“Music Beats Cancer”

mbcI’ve been planning on giving back to the children that are fighting cancer for a few years now, im happy to announce that our fight against Childhood Cancer has started “Music Beats Cancer” is our new campaign, for this new project we wanted to team up with an organization that’s already making a difference for children. The organization that we chose to work with is CHOC (Childrens Hospital of Orange County), we have finally been approved by their marketing team to start selling our collab tee, 100% of the proceeds will go to fight Chilhood Cancer. It’s been my dream to give back to the children in need and I am happy it’s finally going to happen. 

I’ve lost two family members due to cancer, but the one that hurt the most was my younger brother. Erick was diagnosed with Ostiosercoma Bone Cancer in the summer of 2006 he was only 16 years old, he fought for almost a year and half. We couldn’t believe how strong he was, i never saw him shed a tear in front of me or my mom, when he was diagnosed with cancer he told my mom everything is gunna be okay. It was really hard to see him go, he passed away on August 13th of 2007 i still can’t believe he is gone, we were only 11 months apart we super close, it was like a piece of me was taken away. I was in a serious depression for almost 3 years i couldn’t accept the fact that my only brother was gone. Over the past seven years i’ve been building this brand around the music industry, it got hard at times, people didn’t take me serious but i kept fighting, the reason why i kept fighting was for Erick, before he passed he joked and said “When your brand becomes successful I’m going to take it away from you” i laugh and said yeah it can be all yours, that is the reason why i keep fighting just to show him i can do it. I still haven’t reached my goal, but one thing for sure I’m never going to stop.

From now till December 13th we’re going to be selling our MUSIC BEATS CANCER shirt exclusively on arntre.bigcartel.com, 100% of the proceeds will benefit CHOC (Childrens Hospital OC). Help us raise money to fight childhood cancer by sharing this with your friends. Thanks to AC Slater, Dell Harris, J Trick, R3LL, Fight Club, Dj Slink, Valentino Khan and Bones for all your support. 

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