With all this talk about Moombahton making a “Return”….. again, I’ve decided to bring you another edition of Moombahton Monday to keep your playlist fresh before it all gets out of control. So sit back and enjoy the batch of tunes that I’ve collected for you guys. Just to make it clear “MOOMBAHTON NEVER LEFT”… see you next time fam.
Starting things off with DJ Tombs: The Moombahton Roof Vol. 1 EP featuring collabs with Happy Colors, Los XL from Locomotive & more.

A familiar face that always brings that Fire, Noizekid brings you Que No Pare!!
The homie Kapo brings that Moombahton sazon with Brinkador.

This tune by CZuR & MG808s is next level.
This Remix of Bot’s Monky Man by Ysuli Bros is on damn point.
Some classic Moombahton feel from Moombahteam’s Troubled Soul track!
Some of that Moombahbounce stuff from the homie Macrohard!!

Ricky Vaughn takes 2Deep & Corrupted Data’s  Twerk It Out and gives it that RV Club treatment!

A massive collab happening here, Stark x Moombah Kingz x Marco Villarroel check it out!
Earthquake gets a bass treatment again and again. This one caught my attention it might be I’m a dembow addict! (might wanna lower your monitors)

Naybr always goes in 108%, this Anna De Ferran Told Me Remix is something else.

I’m posting this one just because my daughter loves this tune and it’s Moombahton.
The homie Alan Wolfe going in on this sick tune. #ThatMelody

Some real Badman vibes on this tune right here by Young Felix!
The homie Pixie Trace doing what he does best.

BRKN DABZ pear game is soo strong!
No Joda brings that classic Moombahton feel to his tune Dale Mami.
Some unreleased ETC!ETC! for you guys. He may release this someday………who knows!

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