Jersey Club Pt.2 : Part 2 (Presented by Sengled)

In Part Two of our three-part SUB.Culture series on the Jersey Club scene, we look at the influence of the genre’s leading second generation producers.

In Part One of THUMP’s three-part SUB.Culture series on the Jersey Club movement, they head back to Newark where it all began, to help breakdown some of the elements that make the music and culture so enthralling, as well as examine some of the early days of the budding genre. Join THUMP as they walk through the streets of Downtown Newark with seminal figures like DJ Tameil, retracing some of the blocks where he sold his first Brick City Club CDs in the early 2000s.

Part One explores how genre purveyors like DJ Tameil, Tim Dolla, and Mike V all joined forces to lay the first bricks that would serve as the future foundation for generations of young artists to build upon-helping to spread the Jersey Club phenomenon worldwide.

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