Mombahton Bandits

What better way to start off the first Moombahton Monday of 2015 than with a massive compilation put together by yours truly and with exclusive download here at Arntre LA. Moombahton Bandits consists of 35 Moombahton tunes for you to enjoy! In this compilation we have Moombahtonistas like Los XL, Maxx & EJ, Mambo Killers, Kapo, Woogie, Varilla, Danny G, Noizekid & Addictiv, WOST, dOpe Tendencies, Gabriel Rowano, Fautre, !TENAZ!, Ginger Shinobi, Pixie Trace, Gingee, Eskeleto, Cortez Syndicate & more. I hope you guy enjoy this amazing compilation to the fullest, this project was made for you by the Moombahton family. Don’t forget Moombahton never died it is still here and these guys have been holding up the genre as well as many others not featured on this compilation. So I leave you with a download link to Moombahton Bandits Vol.1 at the bottom of this post, make sure to share the post and support the producers on this compilation by liking or following on their social media branches. Be on the lookout for more Moombahton madness here on the home of Moombahton Monday (Arntre). Much love and Moombahton Forever!
Download Moombahton Bandits Vol.1



Track List

1. Ginger Shinobi – Moombah Bandit
2. Maxx & EJ (Feat. DYSF) – Colossal
3. Kapo – Arepa
4. Woogie – Rubber Band
5. Los XL – Moombah Que?
6. Fautre – Dale Media Vuelta
7. Mambo Killers – Pa Que Se Rompa
8. Noizekid & Addictiv- Major Combo
9. dOpe Tendencies x Neorev – Sway
10. Varilla – Istambul
11. Sorrows In A Bottle – Danny G
12. Wost – Recuerda
13. !TENAZ! – Legend
14. Ysuli Bros. – The Beat
15. Cortez Syndicate – Pasaditos
16. Marco Villarroel – Ready
17. Gabriel Rowano – Dale Frikitona
18. Pixie Trace – Bandolera
19. Billion Dollars & Treovr – Tracka
20. Masta – Suden
21. Dead Diamonds – La Suavecita
22. KiD KOBRA – Pachanguero
23. Monsieur Manuel – Chicken
24. Cvtrxcho – Entiende
25. Bass Syndicate – Hambriento
26. Gingee – Más Moombah
27. Macrohard X Jamrock – Just Checkin
28. Mr. E – Can’t Go
30. Selecta Doc – Bubble & Wine
31. Cepillo Cuevas – Que Bahton!
32. Beatanga – Decision
33. Eskeleto – 2 a.m.
34. Sherburt – Crotch Grab
35. Peacethefvckout – Get It
36. Naybr – Putati

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