The week has gone by and Moombahton Monday is upon us once again. With it just being the second week of 2015 the Moombahton sound has gone off with a bang. Go ahead press play or download the fire that is available for you here on this post. Make sure to give the producers featured here a click on their follow button on the cloud. See you next week for some more Moombah madness family.



First off we have the one they call Happy Colors………just press play!!


Kapo takes Troy Ave’s All About the Money and whips out this instant banger.



I came across Di Hell! and he had me at Moombahton.



Juke Ellington on his Moombahton game, and his game is strong! Shout out to Juke Ellington tho.



The Moombahton OG Madd OD prepared some 108 Toast for us all.



2Deep, Sucias, Plurgatti Boyz, 108 Boyz, Moombahton, Wood Class………..#MUEVELO



Machine Gun 808’s giving us a small preview to some Bigroombahton.




Bumb.Ay Dios Mio some Moombahcumbiaton!



Some Rasta feels with this new tune from Marco Villarroel.



Some Moombah vibes from Reid Stephan.



Some heavy Moombahton from Pixie Trace.


To some of you it may seem like Dancehall but to me it’s some sexy Moombah!



Moombahton INC. exclusive, some SMASHA for your ears.



Sounds of Riots & Reko’s take on Rawtek’s Bam Bam tune!









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