Sorry for the late post fam, some stuff go in the way but I’m here to blast you with some great Moombahton for your hearing pleasure. This week I’ve decided to make this post a special one, with some Moombahton classics that will have you going back to them good old days of this amazing sound.  Enjoy and MOOMBAHTON FOREVER!!!


We all know what ensues after we here that iconic whistle…….. Sandun gue gue gue gue gue!


Here is some fresh edit from NAFFZ………. the Golden Days of Moombahton edits!


Shout out to Courpus own DJ DUSTY, here is a lil flashback. That raw Moombahton sound!


A huge bootleg by Rico South…..Enjoy some Beastie Boys-Intergalactic with some classic Moombah feel. Got chills listening to this one.


Straight classic right here by Dj Punish.


One of the reasons I was hooked to this sound was because of this guy right here. #INSTACLASSIC


Ckrono straight killed this anthem!


Get your Moombah on with DJ Alvarooooooooo!


This one was popping at the time the original was on the airwaves!


Some classic Moombahton sounds from Musiqfuckerz & Ray Mautar.

That Arizonaton fire from Pickster Uno & Melo!


CUMBIATRON……..(Optimus Prime Voice)


Dj Madd OD remixed this to a Classic tune. Features Sensato, Jiggy Drama & Fuego! YO MADD OD I SEE YOU!

Stamped as a Classic……. nuff said.


No words can describe this Moombahton tune by the Don of the sound! PUNK ROCK LATINO!!!


Twin Beatz popped some champange moombahton style!


One of my favorite Moombahton producers FASE DE CINCO!

This was by far the best overall remix to the song that drove me crazy.


 I pressed play and literally got a smile on my face. SAZON BOOYA PARA SIEMPRE!





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