Gutter Brothers – Gutter House EP review


Gutter Brothers have proved with their latest EP “Gutter House” that they are no systematic, cookie cutter act; these guys are out of this world talented and their musical prowess goes far beyond the trap genre that they have had a hand in building. For those of us familiar with the speaker collapsing heavy bass trap tracks that have out Val and Colin on the map, Gutter House shows us that this duo are not just top flight trap producers, but rather all around complete maestros of electronic music.

“Fuck Your System” ft Ryan Sharp was made to keep your attention with a rhythm so dynamic and progressive, you know that you are not listening to a looping beat but rather a complete song. The transitions are smooth and the escalating energy pushes the track that will appeal to deep house and trap fans alike. “G” ft Matth starts off with a superb ambient intro with intoxicating key work highlighting the contrasting vocals. Gutter absolutely nail the build up to drop sequence and the dance vibe that follows is pure quality house. The final track, “In Our Blood” kicks off with a calm trap melody that morphs into a deep house fantasy of a song, and us bound to receive many rewinds.

After giving Gutter House a plethora of spins, I am astonished with how well these guys put their versatility on display. As a die hard fan of their traditional sound, I am blown away by how well this hybrid of an EP came out, if you aren’t on the Gutter Brothers’ bandwagon yet, you’d might wanna hop in while there are still some seats left, as these two are going straight to the top at a very rapid pace. Great EP, we thank you for this gem GB, KEEP IT GUTTER

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