IN HOUSE WE TRUST………..The really incredibly f*&#ing delayed edition

in house we trust-DELAYED

Where do I even start this story off?!  I never really took the concept of how life can really start flashing before my eyes until these past few months or so.  Before I get too far off on a life story tangent, I’ll just give one bit of advice.  Dream big and do what it takes to achieve it, but do not let vision blind your site of health.

Now back to our scheduled broadcasting and welcome to the….. REALLY INCREDIBLY F*&#ING DELAYED EDITION!!!  For this off-scheduled piece, I felt compelled to bring a larger arsenal than usual for y’all.  Like always, there is going to be an eclectic array of bass driven house beats, but just a bit more jacked on roids this time around…..mmmmm yeah, that’s about right.  We’re going across the waters and touching down on for a bit UKG.  Obviously, we are going to put up the LA Garage Don, AC SLATER; but to start off, Arntre wants to introduce those who don’t know…..TKDJS!  Keep an eye on this one, believe me on this.

Then we’re going to fly back over and get deep, like Berry White serenading your woman while your surrounded by candles on the satin sheets deep; but just sliiiiightly possibly sorta dashed with coco?  To get out of the cracked out House Fest Rave 3 Day Massacre….I thought it seemed right to bring SNBRN and WILKS to the rescue.  What I love about these gents productions is, they can nicely balance that testosterone-ghetto-house vibe, with some atmospheric feel.

To end our adventure together, I wanted to try something a little different than I’ve done in the past and bring on some Vogue House/Ballroom. There is plenty of fire dropped in here, but I gotta feature Booty Cat’s remix of “Fuck With U“.  I know it’s Jersey, but to me, it has those elements and vibe that the V&B scene give.  This will be a great transition tool for blending into a different genre/bpm.

I feel like I will be doing this more often on the weekends now, so keep posted!  Till next time y’all.  -Roane






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