Today is the day we blast this post with some crazy Moombahton beats…..yup Moombahton Monday is here! I have grabbed the newest tunes up on the cloud for you guys to enjoy &  get  your 108 on. Let’s just let the beats move you guys and have some fun on the day known as Moombahton Monday.


Straight out of Muevelo Records I present to you Daddy Flix’s Harem EP. A two track project that includes some real heat. The first tune on the EP had me jumping off my seat. Harem is a full Trap/Moombahton tune that is straight fire from the beginning. Mirage has that classic trap feel that would get anyone bouncing from the get go. This EP is not to be slept on at all, make sure to grab this insane EP by Daddy Flix and be on the lookout for more material in the future from the Muevelo family.


Been a huge fan of the one called King Kong, everytime he releases a Moombahton tune we recieve that feel good stuff.


If not one of the ones to watch for in 2015….. Los XL has been going in 108% since day one. A double dose of Los XL for you to enjoy.


Desde Mexico pal mundo, les presento al que esta haciendo el Moombahton del momento…..Di-Hell
[ All the way from Mexico, I present to you the one that is making that hot Moombahton right now….Di-Hell]


My family over at Moomba+ & Global Bassed teamed up and released this great comp… Moombahton got Punk’d vol.2. Make sure to pick up this one asap!!! It feels good to see the family come together… I SEE YOU GUYS!


Moomba+ Records has been on their Moombah game very strong. Damn Them brings that bouncy Moombah with their release Choque.

CZuR went on this remix of Aurak Maurak Bomb’s Nitemare. Real Moombahcore feels from this one.

This tune by shooter McNappin is levels crazy.


The homie Pixie Trace is on a roll at the moment enjoy a extra sprinkle of Pixie Moom!


Not exactly Moombahton but….. Ay Dios Mio. Ysuli Bros on point with this one right here.


Im just gonna leave this one here and let you experience some madd heat brought to you by Varilla!


Mr. Young Moombah himself Cepillo Cuevas…..Enjoy.


I have much respect for this man right here Chong X, suchan amazing producer. The vibes he delivers are on point all the time.


Some Bubbly-Tech vibes from my Moombah brother Jared Cole x SkyScrape.


A wild Pikachu appears………


Neki you’ve been missed!!!! Thank you Neki.


 Munchi’s Sandungueo gets drum fix……SAN DUNG  GUE GUE GUE GUERROR!


Major Lazer x Sean Paul x Machel Montano and their Dance Hall vibes with a pinch of Moombahton!


ETC!ETC! is a Moombahton Monstruo!!


Peacethefvckout is on my ones to watch list.


Selecta Doc knocked this one out of the park and straight on to a Mosh Pit.


Global Bassed brings out them vibes with this Wost x Chris Major tune!


Literally went through writing this post with this huge mix from Mr. Man Bun aka DURO. Check it out it has so much fire!!














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