Torro Torro in OWSLA’s Spring Comp. 2015

Torro Torro are back with the brand new party smasher “Make A Move”. Early demo versions of the record began to appear in main-stage DJ sets late last year, causing a flurry of anticipation for the tracks release. The track is a powerful fusion, seamlessly moving from an infectious house melody and vocal to a climax that will have your heart racing through Summer.

The duo teamed up with Skrillex who helped create an amazing vocal to complement the already impeccable instrumental. “Make A Move” is the first of the duos new releases on OWSLA. The song is out today in OWSLA’s Spring Compilation 2015 featuring 13 new songs and remixes, and make sure to catch the whole crew playing in Miami at the end of the month. Full party info in the flyer below.


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