The Brig – Round The World EP

All aboard the good ship Kinphonic for it’s second voyage of discovery. The hold is full of able beats and barrels of bass as the swashbuckling Russian takes on the Captain’s role. 
Having set out their stall with the massive ‘We Are Kin Vol 1’ compilation at the end of March, the eclectic Kinphonic brand has turned to The Brig to provide its sophomore effort. And he does not disappoint. 
Title track ‘Round The World’ merges glitchy vocals and synths with a hard-edged Dubstep aesthetic that is as uplifting as it is abrasive. Then ‘Puppet’ increases the tempo, adding catchy melodies and a euphoric funkiness to proceedings. 
Then two members of the extended Kinphonic family are invited to apply their own sublime talents as they take on remix duties for ‘Around The World’. UK producer Tut Tut Child provides a House version which flips between a deep and dreamlike state and a darker Electro one, whilst Californian AB The Thief delivers something completely different by giving the track a heavy Trap treatment.

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